$150 Deposit required to hold any puppy
Cost $150+$600=$750 per puppy (male or female)
  • Cash preferred but no checks accepted
  • Paypal transactions will have an added 5% fee 
  • Cancellations made before 7 weeks will require a 50% fee on the deposit
  • Balance for puppy due by 8 weeks of age (even if a later pickup)
  • $5 per day boarding fee after the day of being 9 weeks old up to 11 weeks old max
  • Reimburse of $50 for 6 month spaying and neutering. Recommended at spayva.org
  • Add $50 for the second set of shots done at 9 weeks if picking up after 9 weeks old

Cost includes:
  • Licensed vet exam visit
  • Pet ID microchip
  • First shots at six weeks old
  • Diamond puppy bag of dog food
  • Visit with both parents on site if desired. Both parents are in-home raised pets since puppies.
  • In home raised puppies with both parent interaction 24/7
  • Weekend visits until pickup
  • Non harsh chemical bathing 1-3 times a week until pickup
  • In home sounds exposed and people interaction during entire growth

Visits and Leaving:
  • Viewing of puppies is not offered until 4-5 weeks old to ensure puppy health safety
  • Puppies are free to go home at 8 weeks old or 24 hours before 8 weeks. No earlier.
  • Puppies should leave by 11 weeks old to avoid bonding with us

Not Included:
  • Not leashed trained as they will be exposed to free roam open land during growth
  • Not fully potty trained but exposed to puppy pads that they may confuse with carpet
  • Spaying and neutering is recommended at six months as their own pups will be very mixed and there are many very mixed animals looking for homes in shelters.

First Year Experience:
  • No public park or non vaccinated dog exposure until the third Parvo shot is obtained
  • Lots and lots of chewing of everything in the first year. Chew toys will help but not 100%
  • Potty training has the least mistakes at about one year old so expect mistakes
  • People food or specific dog treats/bones can give them diarrhea (especially sugar)
  • Vet exams and shots are required at about 9 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 1 year with a cost of about $50-100 per visit. Following visits after are every 6-12 months.
  • Flea and tick medication can cost about $100-400 per year depending on the brand
  • Pet food can cost $30-40 per bag used about once per month or two (2-3 cups per day)
  • Recommend to let them run around with a leash 24/7 to learn leash training first week
  • Bathing at least every month or more is recommended for less body odor and shedding
  • Brushing daily or every other day reduces shedding. Weather change increases shedding
  • We have some pups that come out more like the Golden Retriever dad and they may need professional grooming trim every 1-2 months at a cost of about $40-80 per visit. 
  • Collars, tags, bedding and toys can add increased cost

When you are ready to purchase email

We do not travel with the puppies or offer shipping. Pick up offered at our location only.

PLEASE get a puppy elsewhere if you:
  • are buying a puppy that is not going to be own by you or people in your family
  • want to raise the puppy tied up outside or kept in a cage outside for more than 10 hours
  • are specifically looking to breed these puppies
  • do not have the financial ability to provide health care and vaccinations 
  • are not understanding to avoid abuse when they chew your valuables up
  • are not understanding to avoid abuse while they learn to become potty trained
  • do not have the patience to teach them to become potty trained
  • do not have the intention to try to give them a one time forever home
  • have a place of residence does not allow pets inside